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wooden sign on door of massage treatment room pocklington


/ˈrɛv(ə)ri/ noun: a state of being
pleasantly lost in one's thoughts;
a daydream.

"a knock on the door broke her reverie"

soft light dreamy scalp facial massage treatment pocklington

And breathe...

Reverie Massage Therapy presents a collection of intuitive therapeutic massage treatments meticulously tailored to cater to your specific needs. Embark on a journey of relaxation by visiting our treatment room nestled in the heart of Pocklington, East Yorkshire. Let us take care of you, providing you with a moment of escapism and dedicated attention.

Massage doesn't have to be about addressing aches, pains, or injuries, we believe it offers much more. If you find yourself grappling with anxiety, struggling to sleep, burdened with a busy mind, or simply yearning for self-indulgence, our treatment room is the sanctuary you seek. Spending an hour in our care promises a calming, peaceful, and grounding experience that transcends the conventional perception of massage therapy.

soft twinkly corner of the treatment room with a warm lamp plants and massage oil
face hole and blankets of sumptuous massage table in treatment room pocklington

Experience the transformative power of rhythmic, soothing body massage movements that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This process puts your body into 'rest and digest' mode, leading to a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. The result is a profound sense of revitalisation, akin to the benefits derived from a full, uninterrupted night's sleep.

In a world that isn't always kind or gentle, we often find ourselves pulled in various directions, overwhelmed by life's fast pace. It's challenging to carve out your own space to breathe amidst the chaos.

Give yourself permission to reclaim time for yourself to reconnect with your body and mind, and to find your reverie.

hands gliding over the back during a treatment massage pocklington
hand and arm massage


I’ve had a few treatments from Laura now and they have all been absolutely wonderful! She made me feel at ease and so really got a lot out of my time there. Lovely treatment room too. 100% recommend.

body massage hands


Had a wonderful massage from Laura today. A lovely experience from start to finish. Laura took time to chat to me first and talk about what would happen during my treatment. I left feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I will be booking in again and 100% recommend.

body massage skin rolling


Highly recommend Laura for her wonderful massage talents! I’ve enjoyed my first visit today, and was made to feel welcome and relaxed. Laura is very approachable and makes you feel at ease - especially necessary given this type of therapy. I very much look forward to my return visit!

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